Sunday, December 16, 2007

GE Promotes In-Office Imaging

This little ad on GE's website really says it all. Let me quote:

Expand your practice with in-office CT

More continuity. More convenience. More ways for your practice to succeed.

There are compelling reasons to add CT imaging to your practice.

First and foremost? Enhanced patient care. The ability to identify a potential problem and then confirm or rule it out with a CT exam conducted in your own office – perhaps on the same day – improves the convenience, timeliness and continuity of care your patients receive.

In-office CT also provides a highly credible and effective means of differentiating your practice from others in your market. It places you on the leading edge of patient care and may engender positive word-of-mouth that has the potential to increase your revenue opportunities significantly.

GE’s comprehensive resources can help you get started

As you consider the decision to bring a CT scanner into your practice, the question is: how do you optimize its implementation and avoid any missteps along the way?

GE Healthcare can help. We understand medical practices and have years of experience in helping independent healthcare providers make smart equipment investments.

Moreover, GE offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of resources to address your needs. We have the people and the programs in place to guide you through the critical issues surrounding CT acquisition, including:

  • Evaluating feasibility based on in-depth market assessment
  • Conducting cash flow analyses for a clear ROI picture
    Selecting the right scanner for your patient volume and procedure mix
  • Creating customized floor plans for your installation
  • Setting realistic design and construction timelines
  • Assisting with short- and long-term staffing solutions
  • Offering a range of financing instruments
  • Providing training, maintenance and service support

With GE by your side, you can concentrate on your practice, secure in the knowledge that an experienced team of professionals is guiding your CT implementation.

Wow. Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? GE is at the side of the self-referrers, guiding them down the path of, well, you know.
I have the feeling that it was the equipment companies that started this lovely trend in the first place, way back when. I don't think most docs would have thought of putting CT's, MRI's, or PET scanners in their offices without a little help from the folks that sell them. Why not have a complete GE small appliance selection for the "patient's convenience"? Perhaps a GE-designed car-wash in the back? They ARE doing this for the patients aren't they? Well, I do have to give GE credit for being honest...about "the potential to increase your revenue opportunities significantly."
Remind me to buy Philips light bulbs next time I go to Safeway.

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