Thursday, January 17, 2008

A New Way To Profit From Imaging and Self-Referral

It isn't enough that self-referrers profit from their actions; now, you have the opportunity to invest in their bad behavior and make some money yourself!

From the website,

  1. The demand for PET scans has grown 46% per year since 2004
  2. Analysts project that nearly 2 million more patients will require scans this year
  3. Growth means additional demand creating a unique investment opportunity


Earn a monthly distribution as a partner in a full service, state-of-the-art medical facility, equipped with the most sophisticated and effective scanning diagnostic tools available today.

Private investments are great alternative to today's stock market. This cutting-edge diagnostic technology is capable of providing a crystal-ball-like look into your medical future. These diagnostic scans are now covered by most health insurance companies and HMOs, creating an exceptionally high demand for these procedures.

The medical imaging industry is highly profitable and has been expanding vigorously for nearly 2 decades. Continuous and significant medical imaging innovations are keeping this market segment growing with few signs of saturation. Due to exceptional growth and constant technological advancements, medical imaging is highly promising for the long-term investor.

Pretty clear what they have in mind. I'm not buying, but thanks for playing. You have to love the blurb on the front page: "Invest with medical experts and GE Healthcare technology." Yup. Anything to sell another scanner.

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